Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sorry for yet another video, I've been scatter brained lately, what with fixing my car, job interviews, and helping a friend move to his new University.

BUT, here is Benga's Baltimore Clap. Another one from Futureshorts. Another animation style I adore - minimalistic and simple. Also a bit... out there. It's definitely strange. The music is good (I'll always love Benga!) and the video will probably make you "wtf?!" but that's the fun of it.

And also, anyone care to offer an interpretation? Or is it, to you, just a weird "wtf" animation to go with the music?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thought of You

This is beautiful. The animation is just WONDERFUL. I really have no words for this, other than it really gets me, and I've watched it too many times. Anyone care to offer an interpretation?

Completely unrelated and uninteresting: went to change my air filter today, stuck my hands into the intake box, and got a handful of fur, paper, cloth and, well, some pretty nasty stuff that you definitely DON'T want to touch. I've never had any kind of rodent living in my intake system before, but it left me feeling icky all day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My smile for the day.

Cleo the cat is known to sleep in the weirdest places. Never anywhere normal like a couch or a bed - it's always on the stove, next to the microwave, on the T.V., etc. Today, I walked into my friend's house, opened the bedroom door and saw Cleo on one of his usual "beds". (Yes, Cleo is a boy!)

Of course he was comfortably asleep until I got my phone out to take pictures. He loves to curl up in our laps or against us while we're playing (as long as it's not too loud). Cleo's a hardcore kitty. No, he's not normally allowed to sleep on the guitars (plus they're not normally left around like that), but I think it's cute so I overlook it at times.

Suicide Silence & Chelsea Grin - New Albums

The other day, Suicide Silence released their album The Black Crown. I've heard mixed reviews on it, so I decided to give it a listen. Not bad - it's definitely different from their normal sound, but any time a band plays with their style, they undoubtedly lose fans. I'm sure these "terrible" reviews are coming from said fans. The music still makes me wanna throw down! Nothing wrong with a little style-tweaking.

KoRn fan? I'm definitely not, but good ol' John Davis makes an appearance in a song (Witness the Addiction).Never pictured that happening. To be honest, it's one of my favorite songs from the album, too.

AND, tomorrow, Chelsea Grin releases My Damnation. Can't wait for those guttural vocals and whiplash-inducing breakdowns. But from what I've heard (just talk), there will be no more overlayed/dubbed screams. Not a big matter to me.

You can check out the video for Chelsea Grin's "My Damnation" on YT now. And, if you're a fan, I would recommend getting The Black Crown!
If you're not a fan, well, to each his own!



What do you think of that? Friend of a friend makes the music known as Shackles, and this song is an interesting mix of crunchy metal sounds and dubstep. Check out their sounds if you like it - it's different, but I'm definitely liking it so far. Thoughts?

Woke up with similar tunes playing from my laptop, a post was inevitable.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trip to the Zoo


A very dynamic and colorful animation from Futureshorts, by Robin Bushell. The animation and flow of the entire video is interesting, the narration is fun, and it's all around a fun-to-watch short. I ADORE the style this is drawn in.
Perhaps serves a lengthy metaphor for childhood, or just an obvious comparison of humans to animals. Either way, great little video.